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Customer Name: Ginger
I bought two Rosebreasted Cockatoo babies from Mark and they are wonderful. They were shipped to me from Florida to NJ and everything went perfectly!
Customer Name: Nell Morris
Anyone would be happy to get a bird from here. I did, and I am so glad that I did. I am getting another bird from mark.

Breeder Reply:
Thanks Nell , I am excited for you to get your Catalina . chat to you soon
Customer Name: Andrea
I just received my absolutely gorgeous blue and gold macaw from Mark at The Best Bird. Not only is my baby stunning, it is obvious that Mark spends numerous hours with his birds working with them, treating them as if they're going to be his own. My baby has the most perfect temperament. He is loving and sweet. I could not have asked for a better bird. I have 8 other birds and this is the first one that I had shipped. I was nervous and did not know what to expect. Highly recommend breeder!
Customer Name: Clay
It's been 20 yrs since I owned a bird. I was weary about buying online but the reviews were promising. My umbrella cockatoo is awesome!! He is gentle, loving and has a great personality. We were an instant hit. Obviously, he was cared for with love and affection. I recommend to everyone!!!
Customer Name: Jen
Fort WayneIndiana
I picked my Severe Macaw up two weeks ago and she is the sweetest thing and so beautiful with such a huge personality, I couldn't be happier with my baby. Mark has been wonderful to work with and has always been there when I have questions. If/when the time comes where I decide to get another bird I will definitely be in touch with Mark for that because I know I will get a beautiful and well socialized bird. Thank you again for this sweet and beautiful baby!!!



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