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Poop Off Bird Poop Remover wipes bird, parrot safe cleaning product

Poop off bird cage cleaning wipes

Life's Great Products Bird Poop-Off is NONTOXIC and Biodegradable, Poop Off can be used when your birds are still inside their cages! Perfectly safe for humans!

1x 70 counts -  $14.50 / 2x 70counts - $22.50 / 5x 70counts - $49


*          Nontoxic, biodegradable formula dissolves bird droppings for quick and easy cleaning

*          Tough enzyme action releases set-in stains on bird cages, perches, and accessories

*          Carry pre-moistened WIPES with you for convenient anywhere cleanup


You'll be amazed at how quick and easy cage cleaning can be. Poop-Off dissolves bird droppings from clothes, walls, carpeting, cages, perches, and toys. Just one squirt cleans bird supplies in seconds. Try Wipes - pre-moistened for convenient cleanup anywhere. Do not use directly on birds.


Water, Active Enzymes, Surfactant, and Fragrance.

Other Uses
Poop-Off is used by zoos, veterinarians, pet stores, and more – and not just for cages and cage accessories. Use it to clean wild bird feeders and nest boxes, birdbaths, decks, and outdoor statues. It also works on car seat upholstery, boat upholstery, floors, and more.

To Open and Use Wipes:

  1. Lift flap on lid. Remove lid by lifting upward.

  2. Insert corner of center sheet through flap opening on lid. Do not push finger through opening.

  3. Replace lid and pull sheet out at an angle. The next sheet pops up automatically.

  4. When finished, reseal by closing lid flap to retain moisture.

After use, DO NOT flush Wipes.


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